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Our supply chain is spread across India, but with the majority of factories located in Delhi and the North Capital Region specifically for apparel.


All factories are compliant according to the standards set by customers and have various certifications such as SEDEX, BSCI, WRAP, and SA8000 etc.

Continuum’s compliance team frequently conducts unannounced and random inspections in factories and at approved subcontractors. We also follow up on and monitor home workers for those customers allowing that as a part of their vision to empower poor people, and especially women, living in small villages with limited work opportunities.

We engage with factory owners, enabling them to embrace the importance of well-functioning industrial relations as well as ensuring that compliance norms are followed through on.

We frequently arrange for training sessions conducted by either third party or us.

Our supply chain also includes the vertically integrated collaboration partners such as weaving mills, processing houses, and dyeing mills.

We have mapped out our entire supply chain; tier 1 is also fulfilling most of the compliance requirements.

During Covid-19 and the reopening of factories, all facilities are closely monitored via virtual factory rounds followed by immediate corrective action plans, shared and agreed with factory owners.

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