I am Linda Augustsson, the founder and passionate soul behind Continuum Buying Agency.


It feels like it was yesterday my parents dropped me off at the airport in Sweden with tear filled eyes, clearly worried about how I would survive in India for a whole year?!

Little did they – and I know that in that very second I left Sweden on indefinite time, instead of the one year work opportunity as initially planned.  This was in July 2000, I was just 25 – and fearless in a naïve way, and extremely excited.

I worked for a big Swedish fashion retailer, Lindex, at that time and was sent out to India to start up their production liaison office.

India holds an incredibly big chunk of my heart from the very first day. I  instantly fell in love with the country and the culture, the diversified opportunities India offered and all the beautiful clothes that only India could produce with its unique handwriting.


Ever since childhood, I always had a dream of running my own business, and this grew even stronger during my first year in India. If I had been brave enough to move from safe Sweden to a perceived, quite chaotic India, I believed I was now also ready to take on another dimension of challenge in my life.