I am Linda Augustsson, the founder and passionate soul behind Continuum Buying Agency.


I moved from Sweden to India in 2000  at the age of 25 - fearless and extremely excited! I worked for a big Swedish fashion retailer at that time and was sent out to India to start up their production liaison office.

I instantly fell in love with India and the culture, the diversified opportunities India offered and all the beautiful clothes that only India could produce with its unique handwriting.


But I always had a dream of running my own business, ever since childhood, and this grew even stronger during my first year in India. If I had been brave enough to move from safe Sweden to a perceived, quite chaotic India, then I also believed that I was ready to take on another dimension of challenge in my life.


My childhood dream came true in 2002 when I started Continuum from my living room in Delhi. I had a true vision to create a modern buying agency by adding value to both customers and the local supply chain across India, as well as to shorten the cultural communication gap.

Ever since, our focus has been to bring the best products out of India and reach out to an international customer base. To make a difference with both product value and how business is actually conducted and executed.


Transparency and ethical trading have always been our trademark. We value long term relationships and are very grateful to be associated with many customers and factories since the very first day in 2002 and until today.


We are design and product driven, fast-paced, and have our own in-house designers, but also collaborate closely with freelance designers from Europe and US. We have total control over patterns and embroidery artworks and concepts.

We specialise in ladies wear, primarily woven, but also knits, leather, accessories and girls wear. A few years back we also added home furnishing to our product lines.


Eighteen years later, we look back at fantastic memories with the most amazing collaboration partners and a team that has grown to around 70 great employees.


I am forever grateful for the opportunity that I got to move to India, to create and live a life that I enjoy to the fullest, and to be associated with a country that has so much to contribute with, not least to the fashion industry.

Thank you for joining us on our journey! 🖤

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