And this is how it all started…



I am Linda Augustsson, founder and the passionate soul behind Continuum - a company formed by passion, values and beliefs of making a difference.

It feels like it was yesterday my parents dropped me off at the airport in Sweden, with tear filled eyes, clearly worried about how I would survive in India for one whole year - as a young, single, foreign woman?!

If that would only had been ONE year, they said at hindsight! My destiny quickly took a different turn – and my return ticket was never used. I fell in love with the diversity and energy that only Incredible India has – and the beautiful work that is truly unique to Indian artisans mastering it from within.

This was in July 2000, I was just 25 – and naively fearless while loving the exotic adventure and my new job.

The Swedish fashion retailer Lindex had sent me out on a one-year contract, to establish their liaison office in New Delhi. An amazing company with not only structure but also great ethical values and a willingness to make a difference locally by applying best practices.


However, my passion for design and beautiful products wanted more.

The timing for following through on my childhood dream of becoming an entrepreneur, had magically arrived in the summer of 2001, and as my contract was about to finish to go back to Sweden.

That the circumstances took me to India, well, that’s what I refer to as pure luck and coincidence.

Gratitude is the word that best describes how I look back at the last 21 years.

Years that were always colorful, intense, sometimes very frustrating but overall, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!


Continuum saw its first light from my living room in Delhi in 2002 - baby steps at a start mixed with confusion and the common challenges that start-ups normally face.

That I was a foreigner and couldn’t even establish a company where the majority of shares would be owned by me, nor any banks that would lend as much as a single rupee due to my citizenship, didn’t necessarily make it any easier. But the daily chaos made sure that there was no time to think too much, and it worked out okay in the end.


I always had a clear vision to create a modern buying agency by adding value to both customers and the local supply chain across India, and to shorten the communication gap. But also to empower women and allowing everyone that had the ambitions to grow in life to be given a chance, irrespective of which caste, family background or education.


Ever since those early days, our focus has been to bring the best products out of India and reach out to an international customer base. To make a difference with both product value and how business is conducted and executed locally.

To act locally and think globally, is a mantra that we have lived by from the very start.


Transparency and ethical trading have always been our trademark, we value long term relationships and are very grateful to be associated with many customers and factories since the very first day in 2002 and until today.


We are design and product driven, mindfully fast-paced and have our own inhouse designers but also collaborate closely with freelance designers from Europe and US.


19 years later, we look back at fantastic memories with the most amazing collaboration partners and a team that has grown to around 70 passionate and talented employees.


We’re excited about what the future holds and the changes that we are currently witnessing the fashion industry going through.

We firmly believe these are necessary steps to shape a better future for tomorrow.


Thank you for joining us on our journey! 🖤